Leadership Workshops and Retreats

Both  profit and non-profit leaders face complex disruptions in our culture and economy requiring more than knowledge to maximize the future impact of their organizations. To flourish as an organization, leaders need to put wisdom to work.

WisdomWorks can help your team lead your organization to a thriving future by crafting workshops and retreats to help your leadership team reach deep and generate solutions.

Using a mixed-method facilitation process called a WisdomCaptiveTM, WisdomWorks facilitators can guide your leadership team into a journey to leverage the internal wisdom of your team and the external wisdom of global experts to craft a more resilient future for your organization.

Harvard Business professor Ron Heifetz identifies two types of problems facing leadership in complex times, “technical” and “adaptive”. The technical is defined as those that can be solved by the knowledge of experts, whereas adaptive requires new learning. When the problem definition, solution, and implementation is clear, Heifetz calls this technical change. For the adaptive, change must come from the collective intelligence of the employees at all levels. We refer to this “collective intelligence” as wisdom. WisdomWorks  can help your executive leaders identify and solve the adaptive challenges facing your organizations.

How does it work?

A WisdomWorks facilitator will work with you to design a process for your team to take “captive” the internal wisdom of the organization so that it can be leveraged more fully as a team.  The activities are designed to surface latent wisdom utilizing creativity to generate actionable solutions and create measurable outcomes moving the organization into the future.

Often times WisdomWorks will work with its network of experts and cultural influencers to capture unique information in person or video (as the context necessitates) to add depth and insight to the experience.

After designing a customized Wisdom CaptiveTM, a facilitator will lead your team through the workshop or retreat to lead you to your outcomes.

Outcomes we’ve helped other organizations achieve:

  1. Creating new channels for impact

  2. Creating new value propositions and deliverables.

  3. Reimagining and reculturing development and fundraising efforts

  4. Creating policies and action around changes in social values like racial and gender

  5. Architecting new divisions or “skunkworks” to accomplish mission goals

  6. Scenarios building to identify potential challenges new opportunities

  7. Reculturing organizations for resilience making them less likely to break under the pressure of change.

Author Jim Collins says that an organization often gets caught in a doom loop when they “act without understanding” therefore causing a cycle of disappointing results. WisdomWorks can help leverage wisdom to act with understanding so you achieve the important outcomes of your organization's mission. What’s more, even though it's hard work, we make it fun, using a spirit of serious play to engage your team.

What solution for your organization's future can we help you discover?

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